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10 September 2012 @ 09:23 am
Multipleverses – Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll  

As a new season of fall tv gets ready to launch we are looking back this week – its time to vote for your favorite sci fi Watch for the Science Channel Firefly Anniversary Special series from the last 20 years that was cancelled before its time. Series in our poll ran two seasons or less and include cable and network offerings. Many of the shows on our list include little known gems that launched careers. Covert Affairs Chris Gorham starred in Odyssey 5 as a teen astronaut, Nathan Fillion was Malcolm Reynolds before he became Castle, Jessica Alba was a genetically engineered tough chick before she became part of the Fantastic Four, Jensen Ackles was one of her super pretty brothers on Dark Angel before he became a hunter on Supernatural, Leighton Meester was the cool sister on Surface before she became Blair on Gossip Girl – feel free to comment on who your favorite stars are on the cancelled shows in our poll.

We all know that Firefly has a devoted fan base- this is an opportunity for fans to vote for Firefly and your other favorite shows from years gone by! Share some of your favorite things from the shows you miss below and lets see which show wins! Voting open through Friday Sept 14, 2012